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          About Us

          China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is a professional cement equipment manufacturing enterprise, the main products are cement production line including: tube mill, rotary kiln, roller press, vertical mill, rotary dryer, suspension preheater. The rotary kiln can also be combined with a variety of other devices such as cooler, exhaust gas cleaning equipment, separator in cement mill. We were named one of the "China Machinery Industry's Most Famous Brands”. All the cement machinery products have passed three standard embraced in one system, consisted of ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001. Five types of the products have get European CE certification, meanwhile it owns about 30 patented products &high-tech products. We have a wide range of product lines for customers, and we provide overall contracting services for cement production enterprises, including technological design, equipment supply, and assembly and debugging of equipment.

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          TEL:+86-0513-88402888 FAX:+86-0513-88402135 MOB:+86-18012285888 Mail:stanhyc@163.com  Technical support:Nantong Tengen Planning Co., Ltd.
          Company:China Sunrise Machinery  Address:Haitian International,East Street,Haian County,Jiangsu Province,China

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